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Ready Transportation is owned and operated by Purple Star Transportation. We are a "For Hire Service" that are not taxis but are taxi competitors. We work with various taxi and for hire "independent contractors" to provide you transportation service.

We are not responisble for "any" damages and "any" financial loss you may incur as a result of your car not being on time, not being there, or getting you somewhere. We expect our customers to apply common sense and allow plenty of time to arrange for alternative transportation as a result of you not making it to your destination or not getting picked up at all, including our cars not picking you up.We make "no gurantees" in providing you this service. If you are requesting this service for an emergency, please call 911. All our vehicles are commercially insured as required by law. Outside of those insurance protections, we are not responsible for "any damages whatsover."

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, person, entity.

We reserve the right to charge "you" "cancellation fees of no less than 20%, for cancellations that are made without a 24 hour notice.

By requesting our service, we assume that "you" understand and agree to "all" of these terms.